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Welcome to the Soiree Factory!

Soiree Factory is a stationery design firm based in Wilmington, Delaware. We specialize in custom additions for every day celebrations. By working together with our clients, we create unique and chic pieces to make their parties pop! Since 2015, Soiree Factory has passionately helped Event Planners and Party Hosts level up their events by designing products that perfectly set the tone and offer their guests the “WOW” factor.
To break it down further, everything we make is custom (crowd goes wild!). We design handmade and digital invitations, themed based photo booth props, party bunting banners, table tent and seating cards, programs, and more!

My Work

About the Owner,

I love to entertain and I love to witness a carefree, good time. I graduated with a bachelor of science in Finance from Lincoln University in ummm, I will forego providing my graduation year. After college, I jumped immediately into the corporate world. Somehow, I found myself mingling out of the Finance into the crazy of Product and Project Management. All while building an illustrious career in good ol’ corporate America, I found my happiness in celebrations. I live for a live party, a hip hostess, and great laughs amongst good conversations. I tried my hand at event planning while working a 9 to 5, but it did not provide the fulfilment I was looking for, to connect to my love of entertaining. I needed to drill down and be more specific. What did I love so much about entertaining? The little details!! I still work a 9 to 5, thriving in corporate America as a Project Manager and what not, but now mama is building and booming in my own little stationery bubble… being creative and sh%t. Soiree Factory, this is what I love.
Design and creativity aside, I love to laugh. I’m childish, as my sister Ashley would say. I love… to spend time with family and friends, travel, to eat out at restaurants, waking up early, experiencing new things, music, and champagne… cannot forget CHAMPAGNE. My husband and son (The Darnells) give me life. When I’m not designing, I’m being mom, wife, big sister (there’s a lot of “us”), friend, and the ultimate answerer of questions.


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